Monday, November 18, 2013

Anyone want to be our friends? I think we need more friends.

Happy Monday!  It is a happy Monday because that means there's only one more Monday until Thanksgiving!

Here's how we spent our weekend.

Friday evening we lived large with a frozen pasta meal from Sam's Club, frozen garlic bread, and frozen green beans.  All cooked, of course. (I'm just realizing no part of that meal was fresh...yuck).

After dinner, and some naked baby dancing time for the Monkey, she went to bed and we partied it up watching Modern Family (we know how to spend a Friday night).

Saturday morning C took the Monkey to Starbucks and I made cinnamon rolls from a can (you can see my preferred method of cooking).  After breakfast I went to the grocery and got some containers to organize Monkey's toys.

Grandma's hutch turned into Monkey's toy storage.

I got very organizy and even put the toys into like categories.  Miscellaneous, two stuff animals, balls, noisy toys, blocks, bags.  Monkey really appreciates it.

We also got some yard work (and Monkey some leaf and acorn eating)  in before the rain. 

I made a real meal for dinner (cheeseburger pie) and then we headed to the mall, just because. Sometimes you just need to go to the mall.

Then we watched more Modern Family. We need more friends (and a desire to get off the couch and hang out with people).

Sunday morning we churched and had my parents over for dinner (because I bought really good bacon.  After lunch Monkey took two naps while C and I watched football. 

C had a dinner date so Monkey and I were left to our own, but really, what beats broccoli and cheese sauce?  Nothing. Nothing

Then we watched more Modern Family. 

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