Thursday, August 8, 2013

iSad, Apple. iSad.

I have phone probs. Major phone probs.  Of the 16 gigs on my phone, over 8 of them are taken up by "other storage".  Files I cannot see or access or delete.

Also, I have lots of Angry Birds (which is not part of the problem).

I took my phone to Apple a month ago and they couldn't help (but did replace it which I was fine with since it had a hairline fracture from leaving it out in the middle of the street for 5 hours one day - not joking - since they should have been able to help me - but again,  couldn't - I didn't feel bad about them not seeing the fracture.)

I was told the main reason for all of the "other storage" had to do with my sent emails.  Not believing the guy, bless his old sole, I deleted them anyway.  Didn't help.

I've heard that people have a thousand pictures on their phone. Not me.  I have 442.

I don't even have enough room to download app updates.

Not a single one. 

I've done internet research. C's done internet research. Drew can't help (if he can't help, it's a real problem) and it appears that the only option is to start from scratch. Reboot the phone to it's factory settings and build everything up all over agin.

So I've spent the last few weeks (when I have time) writing down all of my apps and phone numbers.  I'll do one final photo upload to iPhoto then I'll start from scratch.

Minus all of my Monkey pics (the early ones, especially).

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