Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordy Wednesday or Where's Mark at the NYG

I thought I had a post scheduled for today.  Guess not. I'll just supplement it with this...

I made my Brown Rice, Black Bean, Corn and Cilantro Salad again tonight. So much better than last time. Not sure why. 

My brother is currently sitting behind Matt Harrison (who we affectionately refer to at "POTLCMS") at the Youth Gathering. We're hoping he can get my dad a plush job at the International Center OR convince him to shave the mustache.  You can try to find Mark here

My garden is doing well.  A little too well.  I've got zucchini's and summer squashes taking over the entire raised bed (I'm trying to save my herbs that are nearby).  Yeah, yeah, I know, it's over crowded. I did harvest some cilantro tonight. So yummy.

Monkey is now shaking her head no when we say "not for Ainsley" and also saying "ruff, ruff" when seeing a dog and "uh-oh" when prompted (thank you Grandma).

We like to sit outside and wait for C to get home.  Here's today's view....

C's currently watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Ever since Brad Pitt wrecked his own home I've not been a fan.  Also not a fan of the movie as I imagine they enjoyed working together a little too much as this movie is what started their romance. 

I do like Moneyball.  I imagine Brad Pitt as pre-homewrecker, pre-ugly-goatee-with-beads-in-it Brad Pitt.

I'm weening from pumping.  Down to 2.5 pumps and probably going down to 2 tomorrow. It makes me a bit sad so tonight I've offset that sadness with a coke slushy. 

I'm off. I've got things to do and people to see a couch to sit on. 

Check back tomorrow for a picture of Monkey is her 4th of July outfit!

UPDATE #1 - I found the post that was supposed to hit today. It was scheduled for 10:32 p.m.  I've rescheduled it for next week as it's wordless and wouldn't fit on any other day as those days don't start with "W" and thus don't work with the alliteration.

UPDATE #2 - Mark has been spotted...

AND Jesus has allowed the Jesus Painter to paint a portrait of him during his crusifixion. Would've been easier if they just had cameras back then. 

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