Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This would be a Wordless Wednesday post if I didn't feel the need to explain that thing on C's foot.

Monkey offered to carry our towels when we went to the pool at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  She's so kind.

That's C's foot there.  His left foot to be precise. And that's a friendship bracelet on his ankle. A friendship bracelet on a 28 year old's ankle.

I made it and gave it to him.  Way back in 2004 almost to the day of this post. That was our first go around of dating.

We were at the National Youth Gathering in Orlando and were attending an interest center (not sure what the topic was, but know it wasn't the "inner-digitation" one).  Emily was snoozing away on a few chairs and I had some string from one of the exhibits so I rigged it up for her to hold it while sleeping (unknowingly) and made a fishtail/box=like friendship bracelet (I searched for the type but can't find it).

Once it was all completed, I knotted it up and gave it to C.  He promptly placed it on his ankle.  Nine years later (and a few singeing of the ends) it's still there, having never been removed, and showing no signs of fraying.

I'm a bit worried if and when the bracelet falls off our relationship will be doomed.

So next time you see C all dressed up in church or going to court or at a wedding, picture a ratty friendship bracelet under his left sock. It'll make you chuckle.

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