Thursday, July 25, 2013

Apparently I was a bit too loud at Meijers when proclaiming I couldn’t find HoHos anywhere.

I wrote this post on Monday night and haven't gotten around to posting it until today, thus the reference to the Weekend Rewind.

I started a weekend rewind, but then I scrapped it.  My heart just wasn’t in it and I’m not entirely sure why.

Ok.  Maybe I do know.

I’m having problems finding HoHos and I’m beginning to think they don’t exist.


(Both) Krogers only had donuts and cupcakes.  Speedways (yes, that’s plural) and the Duke and Duchess shops don’t have any (including the individual packets). Meijers has twinkies, donuts, and cupcakes, but NO HOHOS.  

It was at this point in my search for HoHos (at roughly 7:30 last night) that I (quite loudly) stated that couldn’t believe they didn’t have HoHos.

I’m pretty sure C was a bit embarrassed by my outburst, but come on folks, this is serious.

All this girl wants is a coke slushy and some HoHos.

If you’ve seen any out there (within reasonable distances) puh-lease let me know.

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