Monday, July 8, 2013

The return of the Weekend Rewind

Last week I asked for post requests and 1/3 of the responses (that's one-third and one out of the three) asked for the return of Weekend Rewinds. So here you go and make sure to check back tomorrow. It's a doozy. 

Our original plans for Friday (a trip to the pool with some friends) were rained out so instead we ended up going out to dinner with them. Four adults and three kids means that the conversations revolved around what type of baby food each kid was eating, when they went to bed, what they are saying, etc.  I believe we also discussed a bit of church and maybe something else?  After we parted ways we headed to Barnes & Noble to pick up a few books (and a mocha) before returning home to maybe watch a movie?  I honestly can't remember.

Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Hilliard to help Emily move into her new apartment.  Well, C helped with the moving. I helped with the unpacking and making sure that Monkey didn't pick up a knife or something else that may result in a grave injury.  

Not only was Monkey the first to have a meal and bath in Aunt Emily's apartment, she also got her first hair cut (thanks, Grandma!).   Just a trim of the bangs before she heads down South later this week.    

Emily and I also ran out to Target to pick up some essentials for her new digs (and non-essentials for my old digs). 


Sorry about that. Had to take a break to read the twitter.  That's the great thing about blogging.  If I didn't tell you, you would have never known I was gone.  That also means, I could go back and publish one of the 19 draft posts (some of which are 3 years old) and you'd also never know.  Although, I believe one of them was about the perks of downtown living.  Now that we are living in the suburbs, you probably would wonder what's up with the timing of that. 

Ok, back to Saturday.

Once everything was moved up (2nd floor apartments are so much better than 3rd floor apartments) we dined at Carrabba's before coming back to town. 

Sunday morning we churched and loaded up Grandma's couch to take to Emily's new apartment (we also went to McDonald's which while may seem normal to the blog readers, is actually no longer normal, because we just don't go there anymore - just doesn't sound appetizing).  Then we napped, showered, and packed up to head back up to Emily's to take the final things into her apartment.  

We also found time to use her pool (a very nice one at that).

While we waited for everyone else to get there (Dad and Mark with the couch and Mom and Drew from the airport) we walked around the neighborhood and visited the church right next door (we love to tour churches. 

Once everyone was there (and the couch was brought into the living room) we dined on KFC.  We also blessed the apartment (each and every room) and incase you are wondering, this is what a house blessing looks like with the Davidsons.

At that point the Monkey was pooped so we loaded up and headed home.  Not even 5 minutes later she was out. 

Sorry this rewind wasn't humorous or that interesting. Next weekend we'll be in Charlotte which will be much better (but with my recent track record of blogging, I can't promise it'll make it on here).

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