Friday, July 5, 2013

C was hit by a deer at the Fourth of July parade

You can't make this stuff up.  

While walking around the fairgrounds before the parade yesterdat, C was hit by a deer.  The deer didn't hit his car, the deer literally ran into C.  Right into his back.  C originally thought it was a kid so he was surprised to turn around and see Bambi running away while Bambi's parents frolicked in the middle of the racetrack.  So yeah, that happened.

The rest wasn't quite as unbelievable, but it was close. 

This lovely "float" was sandwiched in between two church floats, the 2nd being ours.  You'll notice this float even came with SCRAM bracelets.  I told Emily it was like they represented Saturday night, while we were the redemption on Sunday morning. 

This is my favorite. No, really, I love it.

Monkey will be disappointed that I won't let her wear this outfit in a few years. 
Just a tid bit too short. 

And this is our old apartment (we were the third floor). I'm sure our old landlord would be pleased to know this happened.  He was trying to keep it a classy place. The fact that I couldn't tell whether or not the girl was wearing shorts should tell you the state of the current tenants on the 2nd floor.

And here's what our view was the entire parade (which was the slowest parade I have ever walked in).

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