Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank you, Hostess. Now we can have more children.

C's sitting here watching Band of Brothers while I ask dumb history questions like, "How'd they get around to so many places so quickly, by bus?".  When I'm not asking him important history questions I'm dreaming of July 15th.

What is July 15th you ask?

It's a Monday, but more importantly it's the day that Ho Hos will be back. Which also means we can someday have more kids because I was seriously worried about how I would make it through another pregnancy without Coke Slushies and Ho Hos.

So if you need me on the 15th you can find me at work followed by Speedway (home of the best Coke Slushy around).

P.S. I hate Twinkies, but I must agree, this is the sweetest comeback in the history of ever.

P.P.S. My farm is looking great (and possible a wee bit over crowded).

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