Sunday, February 3, 2013

The day Ainsley Instagramed

I try not to brag about every milestone Ainsley reaches.  So far she's rolled over, sits up, is fully potty trained, follows the liturgy, plays the trumpet, and prefers to read chapter books.  But I've chosen not to brag about those things. I've waited for her to do bigger and better things and tonight she did.

On the way home from dinner (we're at the beach!) I gave her my phone (because she was fussy and it seems to be the only thing to make her happy when she's super fussy).  I turned the flashlight app on (she doesn't like to ride in the dark).  I look back later and see that she had Instagram open and there was a message on my screen "Are you sure... Yes or No".  I quickly clicked "no" without seeing what she was doing but I'm pretty sure she was trying to block one of my followers.  I gave the phone back (and put the flashlight back on) and a few minutes later checked on her again.  And I found this screen...

Check that time stamp.  35 seconds ago.  


C and I couldn't believe it.  But I knew I didn't do it and he didn't do it (because he doesn't have Instagram and was driving) and there wasn't anyone else in the car.  So she did it. 

She clicked the camera button, chose a picture of herself, cropped it, added a filter, and uploaded it to Instagram (apparently she didn't want to tweet it). 

Here's a close up of her first Instagram. 

Ladies and gents, our kid is a genius.

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