Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: The search for the nude pump

I'm on the search for a pair of nude pumps (and clothes to go with said nude pumps).


High heeled shoes make me look freakishly tall.

Fact: When C and I went to my prom my junior year he made me take my shoes off because the height made us the same height.

Fact: They were two inch heels.

So it's hard for me to wear real high heels.

Wednesday night Emily and I went to TJ Maxx and found some cute pumps.  I tried them on and she told me I looked freakishly tall.

Then I started talking to myself (something I do quite regularly, just ask C) and Emily (if she was listening) while trying on more nude pumps.

Here's that conversation:

Me to myself: People always say they wish they were taller, but they don't know the problems that come with being taller.

TJ Maxx clerk, who comes around the corner: What problem is that?

Me: When you're tall and try on high heels - that everyone else is wearing - you look freakishly tall and it just doesn't work.

TJ Maxx Clerk: You're right.

Me, to myself, in my head: Thanks A LOT.

The clerk then went on to say that her problem as a shorter person is that she can never find pants.

Yeah lady, I have that same problem too. The difference: if you find pants that you like that are too long you can just hem them.  If I find pants that I like (which are always too short) I have to add lace.

So yeah, I haven't found my nude pumps yet. I'm not sure if I can go with a two inch nude pump or not (is it really the same).

Help me. Please.

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