Monday, January 7, 2013

If you get nothing else from this post, take this... casinos have FREE pop!

Betcha thought we haven't had any weekends in months.  Well, we have. I just haven't shared them with you (even though they've been eventful).

Friday evening (after C was done with work) he stayed home while Emily, Drew, and I hit up the casino! Three unemployed (well, two unemployed and one underemployed) siblings trying to win some coin.

We got there around 7ish and at the buffet (which was pretty good - Emily says they have dynamite chili!). After we ate (and found out that pop was included, having ordered water because we thought we'd save money) we hit the floor.  First we discovered the FREE POP!  Then we walked around the floor for an hour without a clue as to what we were doing while waiting for the Upps to get there to tell us how to spend our cash.

All the money we took to spend!

We finally figured out where to get our frequent customer cards (with $10 free credits!) and made our way to the big winning penny slots.

Learning the ropes from Cheryl. 

Despite having no idea how the slots were (and I still have no idea), I walked away with $5.90 (until I spent the last $5) having invested $5 from the start.  I also had a $2.50 voucher which I gave to Drew -- who then turned it into $50! and then lost it on roulette.

Drew in the middle of winning $50. 

We left at the ungodly hour of 9:45 (this mommy had to pump) and I was in bed just a few hours later (while everyone else was spending their hard earned cash).

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to church to help undecorate.  When you take a teething baby you really just walk around holding her while everyone else undecorates.

We grabbed some lunch with Dad and Emily and headed home to roll on the floor, cry, eat, and poop.  Maybe that was just Monkey.

C got home from mock trial and took a nap while we continued to roll on the floor, cry, eat, and poop.

Then we went to the Red Box (cheap movies!) to rent The Dictator and The Campaign.

Sunday morning we went to church and Waffle House (yum-o).  Monkey and I went to bake cookies (recipe tomorrow!) with Emily while C did some work.

Once we were home I thought I'd better look at my unemployment claim.  Despite having a bachelors degree (and having had a meeting pre-losing my job explaining how this works) I was completely lost and within 3 minutes I decided it was much easier to find a job than complete the forms.

Then we watched another movie.

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