Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've been accused of not posting enough pictures of Monkey when she's awake (*cough, Melissa, *cough)

Melissa pointed out that I post a lot of pictures of Monkey when she's sleeping.  Today's post should rectify that. If you'd rather not look at pictures of the cutest little baby you ever did see, then skip to the bottom, there's a video down there.

Monkey loves the t.v. (especially football). This was a Cardinals game that got her attention (and no, we don't let her sit this close). At this point I think the lights and colors stimulate her little brain so I'm not to worried about it. Although based on her reactions to football games we're beginnging to think she has money on them. 

 Three months. We're hitting the four month mark next week.

She's a big girl. Likes to hold her bottle all by herself. 
(Only has the arm strength to do so for a a minute or two.)

Trunk or Treat at church. 

She loves to smile (and drool).
Pardon the messy house, but I have a three month old (and a husband) to take care of.

Her latest magic act. Pulling her legs through her (still) buttoned up pajamas.
One morning she had both legs out. 

We love our naked baby time! 

And finally a video. We love it when she laughs.  This was a trip to see Daddy at work two weeks ago (we convinced him to leave early and come home with us).

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TE said...

Such a precious. Sooooo loved!!!