Monday, October 8, 2012

It's FAIR week!

You know what that means... It's combine derby time! And thanks to the Vice Presidential debate airing at the same time, we have a baby sitter (thanks, Mom!).  I am so excited to see the big corn cutting down machines smash into each other! (That is what they do, right?)

Here's how we spent our weekend before fair week.

Friday evening after C got home we watched the Cardinals take down the ...hold on a sec while I try to remember... Oh, yes, the Braves.  It was your typical run of the mill game with the exception of the 8th inning (if you'd like a play-by-play feel free to contact C as he has always been able to remember every single pitch of every single game where as I can't even remember who they played - this isn't just a Cardinals thing for me, the same goes for my Tribe).  The only thing I took away (aside from who won) was that Atlanta fans are classless, especially on what was Chipper's last game (I was secretly hoping he got a hit for his last at bat and he did!). So shame on them.

The other highlight of the night was when C brought me a coke slushy after work (I had been looking forward to it all the live long day).  It's the little 36 ounce things.

Saturday morning (like the butt crack of dawn) Monkey and I were up and at 'em to go to Fort Wayne for Grandpa Dibert's funeral (what a wonderful man who blessed this earth for 99 3/4 years!) and so that Monkey could meet her great-grandpa (pictures coming!).

Monkey enjoyed being held by practically everyone and spent a lot of time with her Aunt Amy and cousin Katie!

Despite the circumstances it was great to see the entire family and we can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving!

Monkey did great there and back (sleeping for most of the trip). On the way back we entertained her with music (which she loves). I think we have already won her over on the Apple products.

She also took some time to take her first self portrait. 

She's clearly a pro with the iPhone.

After sleeping the day away, I was certain she would keep C up all night, but instead she slept 6 hours and went 8 without a bottle. That means mommy and daddy got 6 hours of sleep (the most for me since probably February).  We were (and still are) over the moon.

Sunday morning Monkey and I went to church (where there was cake!!) while C worked.  After church we lunched at my parents and then headed home for a nap and some NFL and MLB action.  The Cardinals weren't triumphant (they played the Nationals - I didn't even have to think about that one), but (I think) it's still nice to have a time in the post season.  C wasn't too happy afterwards, but Monkey cheered him up with some laughs.

Speaking of baseball, the Indians have hired Terry Francona as their manager. While I first wanted Sandy Alomar Jr., I have warmed up to the idea (hello, Rachel, this guy has two World Series wins in the last 8 years. The Indians have two World Series wins in the last 98 years) and hope that he made some demands that the Indians get him some talent and stop trading anyone away when they show the slightest spark of talent (and instead keeping the talentless and injury prone - *cough, Hafner & Sizemore, *cough).

To top off our weekend, last night was Monkey's last night in our room.  She's outgrowing her cradle (I secretly wish she'll be able to stay in it forever) so the smoke alarm has been installed and the baby monitor is set up.  I'm gonna miss this...

And now let fair week commence.  I hope the ring game folks stocked up on cheap canes, because I'm going to win them all.

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