Friday, October 5, 2012

I still want a puppy

Now that Monkey is in our lives you'd think I'd think a puppy would be too much. But there, my friend, is where you are wrong (but probably not).

I still want a puppy.

These days I'm getting my puppy fix thanks to Dog Shaming

Here are some of my faves.

 "I jump in the bathtub while my mom is trying to relax."

 "I had breakfast 2x a day for four days straight because I didn't tell my doggie sitters I had already eaten. (I regret nothing.)."

 "My people's won't let me on the sofa, but this doesn't count as my feed are on the floor. See......"

"I ran into the neighbor's house when their front door was open! They didn't now it and shut the door. My mom say it all and had to knock on their door an tell them I was there. I was found on their bed."

And my personal favorite, because Riley is the exact same way...

"I think that this baby is my puppy and I check on her every night after my mom puts her to sleep because i don't think that she does it right."

Happy weekend!

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