Friday, October 19, 2012

A quick Fashion Friday and a dilemma

There's a new rule in the Elsea house. No new clothes until Rachel gets a new job.  Then I can go shopping.  What may surprise you is that I came up with this rule all by myself. C wasn't involved at all (but I'm sure he's pleased). Since I really want to go shopping, hopefully this will light a fire under me to find employment so that come January 4th  I can continue to help support our family. The rule was prompted when I first went to Easton on Tuesday followed by an extra long trip home due to rush hour. 

I already made one exception... if I do get an interview and need a new suit (this girl only has a khaki suit and you can't do khaki in the Fall/Winter) then I get to go look for a suit. (C doesn't know about the exception either.)

Anywho, here's what I'm liking and what I might buy if I had a job lined up.

1. No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Circle Eyelet. I love this skirt.  I saw it at J. Crew on Saturday but 1). they didn't have it in my size and 2). I don't think C would have appreciated the purchase as much I would have liked (mainly because he asked me not to buy any clothes). But I love this skirt.  I immediately pictured wearing it to work with a navy or black top.

2. Striped Color-Block Jersey Dress.  Emily and I saw this (except in a different color the other night when I went to buy scarves (and didn't actually buy any). 

3. Tamarisk Lattice Coat. I debate on this one for a while, but have since decided that I love it. You can never have too many coats (or bags).

And I have to call it quits here because I'm just not feeling it anymore because I can't make up my mind about colored pants. This has been weighing heavy on me for a while now. Do I do them or not?

I need someone to tell me yes or no.

I need a stylist.

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