Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Thursdays Things

1. I'm drinking mochas again. Occasionally.  I need the caffeine (I'm also drinking coke and tea - more regularly than mochas). I decided yesterday to make a conscious effort to cut back on the caffeine because I know it's not good for Monkey's milk.

2. I now call breast milk "Monkey Milk". It sounds better and more fun. It also makes me think I'm raising a monkey.

3. I'm coveting the new iPhone. It looks like I'll be coveting it for a while. C says instead of the new iPhone (to replace my slower than molasses phone) he's getting me a new water line to the house. How romantic. Back off ladies, he's all mine.

4. I'm at an impasse (pronounced im-pass-A) regarding my fall clothes.  I've shed about half of my baby weight and haven't tried to shed the rest since I'm nursing/pumping (really, pumping). I haven't brought myself to try to try on my jeans yet (mainly because my shorts didn't fit so why bother when I know it'll just bring me down?) and need to decide what to do about the fact that I need to wear something on my legs.  Do I go buy a pair of post-maternity, pre-back to my regular self jeans? I just don't know.

5. Drew is interning at ESPN right now. That's pretty cool. I'm a bit jealous and C is keeps looking for him in the background of the SportsCenter commercials. So far, no luck.

6. Two weeks ago I tasted the best thing ever. It was an almond tort (Fanny Farmers Sweet Almond Cake).  I may or may not have told others at Monkey's baptism lunch that it wasn't very good just so I'd have more.  It was so good that I went to Easton to buy the cookbook since I couldn't find it online. Now I just need to find almond paste.

7. Seriously the tort was sooooo good.

8. Today Monkey is TWO months old.  I post the obligatory two month post tomorrow or the next day or next week. But it will come.

9. Monkey also got her shots yesterday.  She was sorta a trooper.  At least I know she has an "I'm in pain, Mommy!" cry.  I was beginning to wonder.  The good news is that she hasn't been in pain until yesterday.

10.  Here's a story from way back when (which was 2003)... In high school when I couldn't figure out a homework problem (math or science related) I'd call my Other Mother.  One time she couldn't figure it out (and she's a rocket scientist!) so she asked her husband (who happens to be an OB-GYN).  Two days later in class my teacher approached me (having just been to her annual appointment) and said "So I hear you're sending your math homework to Dr. Guenther." It's a small little world.

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