Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Friday Faux Pas

The content for today's post is brought to you by Emily (I'm still trying to get her to do an actual guest post).

(via CBS)

1. Kate has never been the best dressed, but this is pretty bad.

2. The shoes? Brown and Black are a big no-no in my book.  Can't these celebrities afford to match their shoes with their clothes? If mine don't match I either change my outfit or don't go out at all (because as I said yesterday, C's getting me a new water line instead of an iPhone - or in this case shoes).

3. Bingham's shoes are adorable. I'd like a pair for Monkey.

4. That being said, while his union jack shoes are cute, they clash (just a tad) with his navy and violet striped shirt which clashes with his sweat pants.

5. Those pants. are they even pants or are they just an oriental rug wrapped around her legs?

I really wish celebrities would try to dress better.  At least we have a fashionable First Lady. She's like a walking j.crew ad.

I want all of her clothes. 

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Emily said...

I was more concerned about the height of the shoes, considering she's at the airport to catch a flight with her one year old. Just look at how she's standing in order to pick him up.