Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Friday: I have ex-pen-sive taste (and a new copper water line)

So I perusing the Coach website the other day because I had just gotten a "coupon" in the mail and because why not? when I came across a bag that I really liked.

It's beautiful
and big

and in a color I don't have

and $798.

Seven. Hundred. Ninety. Eight. Dollars.

Since C was so generous to get me and Monkey a new water line. I doubt I'll be adding the Madison Pinnacle Leather Abby to my collection anytime soon ever.

No, that's not C down in that trench. That's Mike.
C was busy practicing the law.
Or so he says. 
I'm not sure that's what he really does all day.
Because he tends to tweet and play Words with Friends when he tells me he's "working".

 Such a BIG trench for such a small line of tubing.
Now I'm no excavator (duh), but I think I could have dug a smaller trench with the hand garden shovel thingy Aunt Amy just gave me. 

Look at the lovely blank canvas that used to be home to ugly bushes and trees!
When I told the backhoe guy that I didn't mind if the bushes had to come out to dig the trench he said they were fine.  Then when I said, "Are you sure they aren't in your way?" sure enough they were. 
All of them.
Even the ugly Christmas tree near the Professor's house.
Funny how that happened.

Not pictured: 
The filled in trench which looks like we buried a super tall man (taller than the Giant of Seville) in it.

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