Friday, August 24, 2012

Where are Clinton and Stacy when you need them?

This is not what I was hoping to see when I was in our usually trend setting nation's capital this past January.

I don't know what's worse...

The poorly fitted blue suit or

The fact that it's from the 90's (or even 80's? I don't remember clothe back then) or

The hair or

The clunky, black shoes (and not orthopedic, mind you - so there really isn't an excuse for the style or the color combo with the suit) or 

The handbag (which at least matches the suit, so she did put some thought into the ensemble).

I'm betting her pitch for the need for increased funding to protect the endangered green butted owl was not well received. 

You gotta dress to impress, lady. 

Oh, and 10 points to the owner of the camel coat. Well done sir (or ma'am)

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