Monday, August 6, 2012

We left the house!

This past weekend we left the house! Twice! Both times with Monkey.

Friday evening we went to Pickerington to meet up with the Vansants and their newest family member, Marshall (who was born a week after Monkey).  Just two years ago we were a party of 4 when we went out to eat, three weeks ago we were a party of five. Now we're a party of 7.

We sat around and talked about our kids - poopy diapers, pacifiers, bottles, nursing, clothes, etc (oh how the tides have turned).

After dinner we ran to Sam's to get some diapers (again, our "date" nights are a thing of the past) and then to Barnes and Noble for a mocha (C didn't go in as the books were too tempting and we need to get home so I could pump - still doing that - and she could eat).

Saturday morning was nice and slow.  Well, I didn't really have a morning (I haven't really lately) as I slept until about 12:30 (this baby thing is exhausting).  Then we worked on striping wall paper and I ran a few errands (I love getting out of the house).  In the evening we went to the mall (just to get out) and bought Monkey her first outfit (well, first outfit that we purchased - this girl has so many clothes!).

Sunday morning we skipped church (hoping to go next week) and hung out with Emily in the afternoon.  I was getting cabin fever again so she and I went to pick up lunch and speedy freezes (yum!).  I managed to take another nap (the amount that a baby wears you out is amazing) and watch the Indians Chris Perez blow a 3 run lead. Then is was stripping more wallpaper (kitchen must be done by Labor Day!), watching the Olympics, eating delicious Pizza casserole, and having my parents stop by on their way back in to town.

Next weekend Emily and I are hoping to go to the pool! Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates (unlike yesterday). I'm sure to be the pastiest person at the View (we plan on going and finding someone on the member list we know and just signing in as their "guest"). No worries about Monkey, C has offered to babysit parent.

And now I'm watching Ina throw a birthday party for a dog and she's serving hotdogs. "The dogs will never get the joke." Duh, Ina.

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