Tuesday, August 7, 2012

nightstand views

My nightstand used to store a book, bottle of water, tissues, and my glasses now it has the following...

1. Jill Mansell book that I am just 3 pages into (I started this before Monkey was born and haven't picked it up since).
2. Four bottles of water all half full.
3. A fan because our room is SO hot (ceiling fan is waiting to be installed).
    3. a. Magazines to keep the fan from shaking.
4. Four pacifiers, none of which are Monkey's pacifier of choice (we like the gumdrops).
5. SwaddleMe instructions (which was used for 5 minutes and then put back as Monkey can't sleep without her arms up by her head).
6. Tissues.
7. Formula nipple cover (fortunately we've been formula free for a while now - needed it to supplement).
8. Peanut butter crackers - I now get hungry at 4 am and am way to tired to go downstairs.
9. An iPod (which hasn't been used in quite some time).

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