Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I'm bad at - Part One (of who knows how many)

1. I cannot for the life of me chose the check out line that moves the quickest. There could be 6 people in one line and 2 in the other. I will inevitably, after much deliberation, chose the one with 2 people and have to wait through a return and price check OR I'll chose the line 6 people deep, with no odd issues, and still be beat by the 2 with the problems.

2. I always choose the grocery cart that has a problem with one of the wheels. It either doesn't move or it wobbles or it makes a horrible screeching sound. You can find me in the grocery store just by listening for the bad cart.

3. Just like Emily tweeted last week, I too always choose the wrong drive-thru line at McDonalds (sounds like these problems run in the family).

This is my life.

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