Thursday, August 30, 2012

post-pregnancy benefits

Now that I've been non-pregnant for a few weeks, I'm beginning to enjoy things I took for granted pre-pregnancy. So I've made a list of things I enjoy about not being pregnant.

1. I can now go hours without peeing. No more getting up in the night to pee (instead I'm getting up to feed). No more taking short walks because I'll have to pee as soon as we reach the end of the block. No more limiting my fluid intake before car rides or naps or bed time.

2. I can sleep pretty much anyway I want. On my stomach, on my back, on my side, any which way in between.

3. I can bend over. No more asking C to plug stuff in for me (unless I'm lazy, which happens more than you'd think so I guess I still ask him that a lot). No more not wearing shoes that don't slip on. No more grunting when I have to pick up something I've dropped.

4. I can semi (because I'm a lady and ladies don't do heavy lifting) heavy lift stuff.  Ok, so I'm not really a "lady" (I'm sure C and the rest of my family laughed off that comment) but I have a husband who does the heavy lifting for me (unless I'm trying to prove that I can lift something).  Some day I should make a list of the benefits of being married (trash take out, head rubs, checking the downstairs for intruders, retrieving your cell phone from the car...I better stop there or I won't have a reason to post the list).

5. I don't have to watch what I much.

6. And the best non-pregnant perk...

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