Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Rewind

What I did this weekend:
 - Stayed indoors (it was HOT) and read..
- Oh, yeah, I was busy on Friday. Got my pre-baby mani/pedi, went to Babies-R-Us with my mom to purchase a baby wearing thing, and also went to Sams.
- But mainly I stayed in doors (except for Sunday when I left for lunch and a quick Kroger's trip).

What C did this weekend:
- Picked up our dinner Friday night (Chinese).
- Ran to get donuts and breakfast on Saturday.
- Did the dishes.
- Did a big grocery run (dry run for once the baby is here).
- Read.
- Watched The Newsroom (ok, I watched this too).
- Hung up some pictures.
- Tried to unclog the bathroom sink (was semi-successful).
- Slept in and skipped church (me too, on this one - I did manage to text my mom to let her know we were not in labor, but had accidentally overslept).
- Lunched at Scrambles (me too, again - so I did get out on Sunday).
- Cleaned up the downed branches in the yard and mowed.
- Golfed.

Maybe next weekend we'll be able to say we had a baby.

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