Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten-ish Tuesday Things

1. We went to see Doctor Friday yesterday. She's estimating we'll still be pregnant through the weekend and said "See you Monday". The good news is that we'll schedule an eviction date come Monday if Mister Fartlepants isn't here yet. We also have an ultrasound and heart monitor visit scheduled for Thursday (just precautionary since someone is taking his or her time). This is good news because...

2. We have to go to the other (read: real/bigger) office up by Mount Carmel for the appointment, which is right down the street from Chick-fil-A. C loves Chick-fil-A. I think the real reason why he can't wait for this baby is because of the multiple daily trips he can make down the street (my brothers are also super stoked about this).

3. C has become very impatient with this lack of baby business. It's really quite cute because he doesn't get impatient about anything. Well, except this. The only thing that seems to take his mind off of it is golfing, so guess what he's been doing a lot lately.  Fortunately for him, his golf game seems to be pretty good this year.  Fortunately for me, I've been getting lots and lots of unsolicited foot rubs.

I should also point out that come 12 a.m. last night/this morning(?) C did request that I not go into labor, because he was tired.

4. My boss was very generous and told me to start maternity leave last Friday (regardless of Minster Fartlepants arrival). So I've been reading, watching t.v., interneting, relaxing, and thinking about (but not yet starting) the stuff I'd like to get done before Mister Fartlepants arrives (clean bathroom, straighten up the kitchen, but pictures away in the living room, do laundry, etc).

5. Yesterday I watched On the Case with Paula Zahn.  This particular episode followed the murder of a Lancaster resident in 1989. I knew 4 of the people interviewed (2 prosecutors and 2 detectives from church)! It was very weird to see all the Lancaster sites and locations. If it's on again, check it out and think, "That's where Rachel shops when she doesn't have time to go to Easton."

6. My pregnancy hormones are going crazy. So much so that I'm loving Family Feud on the Game Show Network. But only when Steve Harvey is hosting. The man's just hilarious. Last night I laughed until I cried (but had to try to hide it because C had just walked into the room).

7. I have 10 meals, TEN MEALS!, prepared for after we have the baby. Go me (and my mom because she made the meatloaf).

8. This picture always reminds me of Cotton Eye Joe.


9. Big Red got married last Friday. Since we weren't able to go (and instead had Chinese while watching baseball). She's on her honeymoon somewhere in the mountains and unable to upload pictures so I keep refreshing her photographer's blog to see if more pics have been upload. So far, nada. Also, apparently none of the people who attended managed to take pictures to put on facebook. Tisk-Tisk.

10. Last week my mom and I made Buffalo Chicken Dip. It was yummy. Maybe you should make it sometime when you have people coming over.

Ok, I'm off to watch Will & Grace and think about putting this stuff away...

But, I think the elephants on the stepladder add a nice touch.  

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