Friday, June 8, 2012

say a little prayer

Not so much for my battery power, but for the Elsea household this weekend as the Indians take on the Cardinals. 


This has only happened two other times since 2006 (just before we started dating again). Once while I was in India (and if I remember correctly, my Tribe took care of business while I was away) and the other time in 2009 (which we got to see a game in person). 

The Tribe has taken the series the last two times the teams have met and has an overall winning record (12-5).  In fact, the Tribe's best winning percentage for any match up is against the Cardinals. 

Now that I've spurted info about how the Tribe has dominated the Cards over the years, I'm sure I'll be eating my words this weekend. But that's ok, because my boys are doing pretty good this year (read: we're not in last place) and I'll just enjoy having them back on my t.v.

Go Tribe!

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Christine Guenther said...

I'll look for fun baby stuff for you either way :-)