Monday, June 11, 2012

(mis)Adventures in Homeownership

Our entire weekend was consumed by homeowner duties and trips to Lowe's.

Friday evening we ran a few errands to Sherwin Williams (to pick up paint for Saturday) and Lowe's (to purchase a new fridge because we needed a second chilling device in the basement and the one the house came with in the kitchen, the "Kelvinator", was all sorts of awkward).  We also picked up some dinner at Steak-n-Shake (one of the few restaurants we hadn't been to in the last two weeks) and went home to watch the Indians (and Cardinals) game.  We also moved things around the living room so that we could paint and taped off all the molding.

Saturday morning we woke up, finished taping, and removed the front door from the hinges (my project was to paint it).  My mom came over and helped C in the living room while I painstakingly applied 3 coats of tricon black to the front door.  

C hard at work. 
I also had to make another run to Sherwin Williams, where Jeremy greeted me by name, "Hello, Rachel. How are you this morning."  Either no one shops at Sherwin Williams or I've been there too much in the last month.

My dad made yummy cheeseburgers for dinner and brought those over to feed the hungry painters (and myself).  We also got the door put back on the hinges and some furniture moved back into place.

Saturday evening we made another trip to Lowe's for drapes for the front window (for some reason, C doesn't like that anyone walking or driving by can see what we are watching).

Sunday morning we went to church (first time at the new house) and grabbed some lunch from McDonalds (because we needed some normalcy in our lives).  Our fridge was delivered at 2:15 and was too big for the slot it was supposed to fit in and also did not fit the water line hookup for the ice maker (because the Kelvinator was so old) which also prompted the water in the entire house to be shut off (not good for a constantly peeing pregnant lady).  After telling us these two "fun" facts the fridge dropper-offers told us to "enjoy our new fridge!" and left it in the middle of the kitchen right next to the Kelvinator (because they will move an old fridge to a garage, but not a basement). After a quick call to C's dad we decided to take off the counter top and take it to Lowe's to be cut and also get an adapter for the ice maker (I've been waiting for an ice maker since the day we got married).

By 6:00 we had returned home with a shorter counter top (that fit like a glove), an adapter for the fridge (I needed ice!) and some shelving components for C's closet, along with some Chinese food (I promise - to myself - that we are done eating out).  

Around 7:30 (do you appreciate the time stamps?) Drew, Mark, and a friend of Mark's had arrived to move the Kelvinator down stairs, my washer and dryer downstairs, and the units that came with the house to the garage. I vacated the premises because I was worried about the whole situation (injuries to both the individuals moving and my washer and dryer).  By 9:00 I received the all clear and picked up a milk shake for C (who managed to hurt his back while I was gone) as a thank you on my way home.

This morning we woke up and headed to our (now) weekly doctor's appointment.  Everything is measuring great. Mister Fartlepant's head is down and he or she appears to be quite content on staying in there for a while (who can blame him or her when his or her mother is so cool?!) as there is no progression towards delivery.  Doctor Friday (reminds me of King Friday) said we're looking at at least four weeks (full term baby, baby!) until we welcome him or her into our little world.

Dr. Friday had some issues getting a consistent baseline heart rate (someone was moving around a lot) so she sent us to Mount Carmel so we could be hooked up to a monitor that can keep track regardless of Mr. F's movements (the location we see her at isn't much bigger than a cubical so she only has access to the hand held device).

Not one to have a hospital admit and not share (apparently I was admitted because I have the bracelet and discharge papers to show for it), I thought I'd take some photographs of my 45 minutes spent in Labor & Delivery Triage.

 This may be as close to a 36 belly shot as we get since the chalk board isn't hung up. 

Anywho, the heartbeat was right where it should be so C and I just got a little extended weekend.


Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am finally caught up with your blog! I started reading it (from the beginning) when I found one of your recipes on Pinterest. It is so easy to read, especially since I live in a suburb of Cleveland, and know a lot of the places you talk about. Not to mention, you are hilarious! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have a follower who isn't related to you, and thinks you are awesome. Also, I wanted to congratulate you and C on the house, and the baby. You are truly blessed!

rachel e. said...

Thanks for reading Kristy! Both I and my family are stoked that I have a regular non-related, non-church friend reader. It was huge news for us. As you can tell, I am pretty familiar with the Cleveland area as we have family up there. Go Tribe!!