Monday, June 25, 2012

Let there be light!

Where do I begin for our weekend rewind? Friday would probably be a good start.

I came home from work on Friday and took a nap while C hit up the bar with some co-workers. Then he road home on a unicycle. I'm just kidding about the unicycle, but we did discuss it for quite some time. That'd be a funny sight, C riding home on a unicycle.

After we stopped talking about the unicycle we went out and grabbed some dinner (Oliver Garden and Dominos) and brought it home to eat while we watched Moneyball (for the 3rd time this week).

Once Moneyball was over we watched the Jerry Sandusky verdict followed by our ultimate guilty pleasure movie, EuroTrip.  If you haven't seen Euro Trip, and you're our age or slightly younger (as in in college) please do. Or don't. But please don't want to you think less of us once you do see it.

Saturday morning we slept in. (Last time sleeping in?)  Then C headed out to get some milk. We needed milk to make chocolate chip pancakes.  After brunch (outside!) we did some yard work (ok, C did some yard work) and organized the house a bit more. My mom came over to hang the quilt she made for the nursery and C went to buy a sprinkler because it hasn't rained in Ohio since September and now that we have a yard we need to keep it from dying.

We grilled shish kabobs for dinner and got from ice cream from Whits (and discussed whether or not they'd cause Dairy Queen - across the street - to lose substantial business).  We also picked up a ladder from my parents house so that C could take down two of the four awnings on the back of the house.

The awnings have been at the forefront of my honey-do list.  So I was very excited to see half of them come down (and tried to help as much as I could).

It was quite a chore, but it looks so much better and actually allows light into the house during the day!



While C was busy taking down the awnings (it was quite the task), I was busy taking pictures of my food baby. 

Sunday morning we made it to church (one of these days we won't and people will know what's up).  They celebrated dad's 30 years in the ministry and at Redeemer (quite the feat).  There was a reception afterwards with delicious chicken salad (I don't believe in heightened listeria risks in pregnant women because my Other Mother (and others) says it's a farce - I'm sorta sure I'm not using "farce" correctly, but it sounds cool), fruit, and peppers (because dad likes peppers and Lydia knows exactly what dad likes). 

After church we came home and entertained our first guests at the new house...Katie and Riley! I neglected to take any pictures but just picture Katie not leaving anyone's side because she's afraid she's going to be left behind when everyone leaves and Riley being afraid to go near the steps or into the kitchen/dining room. 

After the girls (and my family) left we went to Whits (again) for some frozen custard.  Then C headed to work and I went to my parents to wash some more clothes (still dryer-less over here).  

Emily brought over dinner (everyone else made plans) and we also put up the pack-n-play while she was here.  Oh, and the car seat is installed. So we're ready for baby. I think.

We ended the evening with the boys over here mounting C's new t.v. for his office and Mark and I watching the Yankees.  I love Sunday night baseball, even if ESPN only ever shows the Yankees and Red Sox. 

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Unknown said...

I love the quilt, a must for a baby who loves the beach! Glad to see everything coming together for you!