Thursday, May 24, 2012

Progress (Part 1) and Ryan Gosling

So, yeah, we still have internet. We also still have a pregnant lady who tires easily and has a cold (the first one in forever). So I'm knocked out (and up - haha). Not a good combo for needing to pack up the apartment. So instead I blog!

We are C is making progress on the packing. I'm helping a little bit by finding the remote when he can't find it, walking to the trash with him, and cooking frozen pizzas for dinner. Sorry fellas, I'm already spoken for.

Here's a sneak peak of what we've C has accomplished the last 48 hours.

Tuesday night, I cleared out the dining room (read: put all my craft stuff into one big box and organized the baby stuff). Now we have a larger area to put all the boxes (the dining room table has been disassembled to allow for more space). The kitchen aid mixer will not be going in a box, as it has already been through enough in it's life, but instead will be hand carried into the new kitchen.

After an hour and a half of clearing out and organizing I was pooped. So I sat down to watch the Tribe victory over the Tigers.  This is what the living room looked like at that point. It has become the staging area for all things that I have no idea where to put/pack. I have since put the clean clothes away. The socks are all matchless and will be meeting their maker just as soon as I'm done using them as dusting rags.

Meanwhile, C was busy in the office going through all of his books (he has a lot). He called me in to help determine which books were keepers and which could be donated.  Beside the Sea with Jeremy James (obviously I couldn't spell when I was eight - just like now) was one of our favorites growing up. Emily and I would listen to the tapes as we went to sleep.  I still use the phrase, "It's a vicious circle. Or cycle." every now and then.

By Wednesday morning C had moved several more boxes into the dining room.

And I had carefully studied our paint options for the new living room.

Slowly but surely, we're making progress. C's mom came to town last night to help out. She's a packing guru (I have fragile stuff I'm not sure how to pack ready for her instructions) and will be a huge help. 

In other news. I don't get these Ryan Gosling memes. I don't even know what a "meme" is. Is it pronounced "me me" as in "I-I" or "mime" as in the silent actors? I looked it up, but remember, I was
taught using whole language so I can't read that phonics stuff.

Either way, I still don't get it.

Side note: I found Ryan charming, attractive, and lovable only after I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. Quite frankly, I haven't enjoyed the other movies he's been in. Maybe he's just now coming into his good looks.

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