Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There are no words (except for these)

I've been trying to think of a good lead in for a couple of days to appropriately say what I'm about to say. But I've got nothing, so I'm just going lead with the big bang.

Thursday evening, my Kitchen Aid Mixer and glass mixing bowl fell out of the back of the Jeep and onto the curb below.  The bowl shattered on impact. While the mixer still works, it's banged up. I'm devastated.

After trying to save it from the fall my first reaction was to throw myself down onto the trunk where I stayed for a few minutes. Then I emptied the soft cooler I had packed for work and picked up what was left of the bowl. I couldn't just throw it in the trash on the street and I certainly couldn't just leave it there.

The scene of the accident. 

C picked up the mixer and carried it upstairs for me.  I immediately plugged it in to find that it still mixes, but noticed several battle scars.

Then I covered it up with a pretty cupcake towel because I can't bare to look at the wounds.  I'm thinking a nice bandage like a subway style decal might heal the wounds.

I also noticed I had a battle wound of my own.

Our trip to Bob Boyd on Saturday was to purchase a cargo net and tray (because during my despair I also spilled pop in the trunk) so that this tragic event doesn't happen again.

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