Monday, May 14, 2012

32 weeks

Good Morning!

I've got lots and lots to share with you this week (vacation, baby shower, weekend rewind, alcoholic beverage C created, etc) and didn't want to leave you hanging until this evening so I thought I'd surprise you with a Monday morning post!

We hit 32 weeks (8 months) Saturday.  Here are the stats.

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size of Baby: Almost 3.75 pounds, 16.7 inches. Size of a jicama (a what-a-ma? a jicama).

Total Weight Gain: Roughly 15 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: You betcha. I have a select few t-shirts that still fit me, otherwise when I'm not working I'm probably wearing a shirt of C's. 

Gender: It's a surprise. Really. We promise. And, no, we do not know and are keeping it a secret from everyone else. Don't forget to cast your guess on the side bar. 

Movement: Tons. I think Mister Fartlepants really enjoyed the beach. He or She must have been super jealous to be stuck inside the entire time. 

Sleep: I still love my sleep. Sleeping mainly on my sides as too much time on my back is uncomfortable.  Oh yes, and peeing 2+ times a night. 

What I Miss: Being able to do things on my own... carry heavy things, stretch out, reach things on higher shelves, bend over to pick things up without making noise, etc. 

Cravings: Not too much right now. 

 Symptoms:  A big, pregnant belly.

Best Moments this Week: Wonderful, relaxing weekend at the beach AND a superb baby shower thrown by cousins and aunts AND a long distance shower thrown by C's family. We are truly blessed. 

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