Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Rewind

The last few weekends have started to all run together, but I feel obliged to run down our weekend for you (and I have nothing else to talk about) so here goes.

I had a work event Friday evening, where I was told in a matter of 20 minutes that 1) I didn't look big enough to be 7 months pregnant and 2) that should I go into labor at the event they would run me to the hospital. I politely told the second person that I still had quite a while before the baby was due and that, no, I am not having twins.  Once I got home C and I headed out to Steak & Shake (he was craving a cheeseburger).  After that we returned home and watched Mad Men and a bit of the Indians game before I fell asleep (hey, I had a busy week).

C had a fundraiser most of Saturday but before he left we grabbed a quick breakfast.  While he was raising money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters I was working on laundry, organizing our baby totes (we're up to two!) and cleaning up the kitchen (which already needs cleaned again - that's what happens when you have 2 square feet of counter space). 

Once C was home and had rested up a bit (hey - he was sitting and working hard for 5 hours!) we went up to Columbus to look for a glider for the nursery (it'll be our baby purchase splurge) and had no luck at La-Z-Boy and Macy's Furniture Outlet so maybe we won't be getting one...

We then made our way to Pickerington and on the way received a text from my dad (he's great at providing up to the minute sports updates) that Phil Humbler of the White Sox was 3 outs away from a perfect game.  Not ones to miss such a historic event we pulled into Max & Erma's (with no intentions of eating there) and ran in to see the end of the game because every Max & Erma's has at least 10 t.v.s.  While this one did have 10 t.v.s none of them were showing the game and no one seemed interested in asking how they can help us (for what it's worth, C was planning on getting a drink if we were able to watch it).  So we made our way sulked back to the car, vowed to never go back to Max & Erma's,  followed the game on our phones and then went next door to Kohl's to look for a maternity bathing suit (we're going to the beach!) and a pair of maternity shorts. I struck out with the bathing suit but did find a pair of shorts semi-on sale.

For dinner we went to O'Charleys where I enjoyed a delish soup (loaded baked potato) and salad while C chowed down on a Louisiana steak. 

After dinner we went to Barnes & Noble so that C could read some of his magazines and I could catch up on some of the baby magazines I've been bombarded with.  And since I was such a good girl while C sat there and read, I got an Angry Birds coffee cup!

We rounded out the evening by watching the Indians' game until I feel asleep (these late night games and being pregnant do not go together).

Sunday morning C was back to his fundraiser and I went to church.  I had a nice lunch with Dad and Mark and then ran to the mall to get my rings checked (gotta keep that warranty current) and pick up a birthday card for a certain nephew of ours.

When C was done he picked me up and we made a mad dash to go through two open houses before they closed.  Then I took a nap because it's hard work to go to church, lunch, and the mall.

Later in the evening we went to my parents house to make dinner for Mark (and utilize the grill) as both Mom and Dad were out of town.  We also took the opportunity to try the crib sheet Mom made on the mattress which had just come on Friday.

...and the boys took the opportunity to brush up on their juggling skills. Because who doesn't juggle on a Sunday night?

Next weekend it's baby class at the hospital, then the next weekend we're headed to the beach, then the next weekend is baby shower/Lesley's graduation, then the next weekend is Emily's graduation so hopefully the weekend rewind content is about to pick up. At least I hope so.