Friday, April 20, 2012


Looks like my possibility of not posting yesterday didn't disappoint.  Really, I'm just getting you prepared for Mr. Fartlepants arrival (as much as it kills me, I'm anticipating not being able to post every day).

I didn't have anything to post today until I woke up and looked at the books on my "night stand" and thought, "There's a post! Who doesn't want to see what's on some one's night stand?!" I use the phrase night stand loosely as mine is made up of two plastic totes.

So here's what I've been reading at night.  I'm not a big right before bed reader, unless it's a book I just can't put down, therefore I really only read in bed on the nights C is working late and I'm forcing myself to try to go to sleep.

1. Beyond Ava & Aiden.  This is a great baby name book.  Not your typical alphabetical list, but themes such as: Green Names,  Uncool Names, The Celts Are Coming, etc. This has been great because only recently (read: last week) we've considered a new boy's name that better fits with our girl's name.

2. Bright Lights.  I think I've proclaimed my love for Jen Lancaster once or twice.

3. Expecting 411.  This is probably one of my favorite pregnancy books.  You don't have to read through paragraphs to get your answers (or become more and more frightened by your symptoms) instead everything is bullet pointed out making reading easier (and less scary).  I first discovered this series when my cousin gave me Baby Bargains and mentioned how good the Baby 411 book was. I'll be picking that one up shortly before Mr. Fartlepants' arrival.

In other news, last night we watched the last half of Horrible Bosses.  I may have thought it was funnier than it really is, but I laughed from start, well, middle, to finish.

We also made our second attempt to make a wedge salad.  Yes, it is possible to fail on the first try.  That would involve cutting open the lettuce to reveal horrible brownness that no one would want to eat. I need to learn how to pick a good head of lettuce.  Anyway, so last night we ran to the store to pick up another head of lettuce and some quality ranch dressing.  I'm pleased to announce that we picked a great head of lettuce, but the ranch dressing, not-so-much.  Way too peppery.

I have no idea who Levon Helm is/was.

Does anyone else watch Mad Men?  That was a stupid question so I'll just jump to the next question... Is anyone able to understand the "Next week on Mad Men" previews? The only thing I can ever pick up is who will actually be on the show along with some other non-essential things like: Roger runs out of liqueur, Peggy makes a phone call from Don's office, and everyone is in a hurry (because Roger said so).

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