Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding Day Survival Kit

One of the things I put together for Kristen's bridal shower was a Wedding Day Survival Kit.  My Other Mother brought one for our wedding day prep and it came in very handy.  Since I won't be able to attend Kristen's wedding (she's getting married on July 6th in South Carolina - it's going to be gorgeous!) I thought I'd give this to her at the shower instead.

Here's what it included:

Mini Sewing Kit (a must have!)
Vodka (for those pre-wedding jitters)
Breath Mints (for the big K-I-S-S)
Dental Floss
Compact Mirror
Bug Spray (the wedding is out doors)
Sun Screen
First Aid Kit
Nail Clippers Set
Lint Roller
Tide Pen
Wet Ones (in case she has BBQ for lunch)
Hair Spray
Hand Sanitizer


Emommy said...

Nice! This will be very helpful for another wedding coming up, as I'm totally going to steal your gift idea. :)

rachel e. said...

Emily - I loved this idea. It was fun to personalize it a bit. Kristen's wedding will be outdoors and later in the day (hence the sun screen and bug spray). I used several lists online to get ideas and just put in what I thought she'd actually need. Apparently white chalk is also very good for stain cover-up. Who knew?