Monday, April 9, 2012

I've got the post-Easter Blues

Our weekend (well, mine) was fast and furious and now I'm paying for it. I've got the post-Easter blues. C's weekend was spent at home relaxing.

I took Friday off to go down to Jeffersonville for some maternity clothes outlet shopping with my sister.  Central Ohio has exactly 4 maternity outfits to offer (none of which I liked or fit me) so I was in desperate need for clothes that will accommodate my growing bump (preferably without a gigantic bow that tied in the front or back). 

Once in Jeffersonville we pre-gamed by grabbing lunch at the A&W/KFC. I went with the KFC Bowl (hold the gravy and cheese) and Emily elected to go for the A&W Corn Dog Nugget Kid's Meal. We dine in style.  Emily was able to do some regular clothes shopping. Oh. My. Gosh. There are so many cute regular clothes out there right now. J.Crew. Gap. I wanted to snatch them all up. Instead I was limited to Motherhood Maternity.  Emily was a huge help picking out most of the outfits I got (and she'll let you know if I'm wearing one of the shirts while she's around) and grabbing different sizes. If she hadn't been there the time I spent in the store would have doubled (which is bad, because I'm an in and out kind of shopper).  I exited the store with two dresses, three work tops, and a maternity Indians shirt, because everyone (who is pregnant) needs a maternity Indians shirt.

Good news all you pregnant, clubbing ladies out there, you can find a sequined maternity mini-skirt at Motherhood Maternity! I thought about snatching it up, but figured I'd better leave it for someone who was in need of a good night on the town.

We also grabbed a caramel apple before hitting the road. The caramel apple guy refused to let Emily use my card to pay without seeing my ID first because he once had a guy charge $75 to a card that didn't belong to him.  That's well and good, but the apple was $4 and that's all we got. Oh, and he didn't even cut it up in a nice way.

We made it home for Good Friday Service and pizza with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Don who came in from Illinois for the weekend.  We spent some time catching up and had a mini-baby shower since they won't be able to join us next month.  Their present blew us away.

A homemade cradle. It rocks. It doesn't rock (if you don't want it to, it has a stopper). And it's Uncle Don's handy work.  We absolutely love it and cannot wait to put Mr. Fartlepants in it as soon as we get home from the hospital.

Saturday morning I woke up and finished preparations for Big Red's bridal shower in Kentucky.  Then Emily came over, we loaded up the Jeep (we took a lot of stuff) and made our way down 23 to Ashland, Kentucky. We made it roughly 10 miles before we got stuck behind this bad boy for 25 minutes, going 25 miles an hour with no way of passing him because 1) he was taking up 75% of the entire road, 2) it was too hilly to see oncoming traffic, and 3) when we could pass the passing lines weren't in our favor.

An hour and a half after passing the guy (who saw absolutely no need to pullover and let the 17 cars behind him pass), we had stopped at Arby's and were in Ashland, (technically Russell) Kentucky. We, ok, mainly me, spent a good chunk on the time once we crossed the border into Kentucky deciding if we had time to first drive by the home C grew up in which was less than a mile away.  We decided no so I deleted the address from the GPS and off to Verrna Drive we went.  When we turned on Bellefount Circle (C's old address) I said "Wow, they really did live close to the Cooper's new place."  Then we passed C's house and I realized the GPS didn't make the change as I thought. Looks like the current owners are Ohio State fans too!

Good news is that since we were just a few minutes from the Coopers' it only added 5 minutes to our trip and we made it before the shower started.

Kristen's shower was great.  Beth and Karen did a great job on the food and decorations.  Emily and I had some games thrown together (bake a cake from scratch, bridal shower bingo, and name that movie from the wedding scene).  Sadly the pictures are all on my camera, which is still in the car, waiting to be brought in (I'm lazy).

Once we were back on the road (we couldn't stay too long afterwards because we had company coming to my mom's house for dinner) we hit every single bug imaginable (the windshield looks AWESOME!) and stopped at Speedway for my long awaited Speedy Freeze (I had been waiting for one for at least a week).  We arrived back at the house just in time for an early Easter dinner with Aunt Debbie, Uncle Don, Aunt Betty, Bruce, and Vi (who had driven down from Columbus). 

C and I were up before the crack of dawn Sunday morning to get things set up for the Easter breakfast at church (plus he was elder for both services).  Aside from feeling like my legs were about to fall off, I am happy to report that all went well. Drew and C were on hand to take care of any spills that may have happened.  Just what every Easter Breakfast needs. Guys in suits to change the table linens. We are full service at Redeemer.

After church we said our goodbyes to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Don (and Lexie, too!) and drove through McDonalds for our Easter Feast.  Well, I had McDonalds. C was still stuffed from eating half of a Gordon's Egg, Cheese, and Bacon breakfast casserole. We were able to iChat with C's parents for a while and catch up on all the news in Joplin. Then I feel asleep. We're talking like right after we disconnected the iChat.  And I awoke almost three hours later to see the Indians win their first game of the season!

Later in the evening we went back to my parents for an Easter cookout complete with all the Easter fixins (that were left over from the night before) and watched Bubba Watson win the Masters!  Also, Riley had really bad gas. After dinner mom got her Easter present, highlights from Emily!

And on that note we headed home and crashed. I think it's going to take a few nights' sleep to recover from this weekend.

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