Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Friday: Maternity Edition (for real)

I am for real doing Fashion Friday today and there will be more than three links. Score!

Tomorrow C and I are headed to Columbus to finish the baby registry (our Target has 2 aisles of baby stuff compared to the 10 up at Easton) and also see what type of maternity stuff we can find. I'm beginning to think my co-workers have caught on that I have 3 shirts and 2 dresses that fit me. It's like I have a Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit, Wednesday outfit, etc.

Anyway, my plan is to stop by H&M and Old Navy. We're going for cheaper here because 1) it's not like I'll be wearing these clothes forever (knock on wood) and 2) maternity clothes are expensive, ya'll.

Here's what I'm hoping to find.

1. Tunic. I love these tunics from H&M. Under $25 and super cute. Not your regular maternity wear (notice the lack of bows and ties!). I'm also liking this tunic (a bit breezier). I'm thinking I'd have to wear leggings with tops like this which means now I need leggings.

2. The Mama Top.  H&M calls all their maternity clothes "The Mama (insert name here)".  It's sort of annoying.  But I like this one too.

3. Denim Shorts. I love these. Not too long, not too short. I'm not loving the full panel support, but I'm sure that can be folded over.

4. Blouse. I am loving this shirt and think it would be great for work. Therefore I may have to get it in every color!

5. Tanks. I'm loving these tanks as well. Since I already over heat easily I can only imagine what June and early July will be like. For less than $10 a piece I think these are a great deal.

6. Ruffle-Yoke Dress.  I'm also needing an Easter dress and this is a finalist.  Love the bright colors and again, lack of bows and ties!

7. Cross-Front Flutter-Sleeve Dress.  What kind of a name is that? I'm worried old Navy isn't going to have this when we go on Saturday. I may have to break down and buy it online.

8. Chambray Roll-Sleeve Dress. I also love this one, but again fear it won't be at the Old Navy in Columbus on Saturday. Inventory seems to be limited.  P.S. What does "chambray" mean?

Wish me luck this weekend (more for the clothes shopping expedition than the registering - I know how to use those scanner wand thingies).

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