Thursday, February 2, 2012

yet another list of stuff

I promise I'm not going to get into the habit of making posts that just list my thoughts. Except for today because I am dog tired. DOG. TIRED.

1. I have a great post in the works about one of our favorite restaurants. It's scrumdiddlyumptious.

2. My work week started on Sunday so I'm one day ahead of myself. My brain thinks today is Friday. Not good.

3. While I am still holding out for one more snow storm that leaves me stuck in doors for a day or two, this weather has rocked my socks off.

4. Big Red is engaged! I'll spare you from recounting my first conversation with her fiance, Brad. Let's just say I wasn't aware he was on the phone when she called to announce the big news.

5. Over the weekend my belly popped. It still looks like I've just put on some weight (strictly in my mid-section I hope), but if you know I'm preggo I now look the part.

6. This is one of my favorite views of DC. (I'm not talking about this particular street or it's street lights. Focus on the three things in the middle.)

The End.

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Emommy said...

YAY for looking pregnant!! It's so nice to have a bump that's not ambiguous (like a "Did she just eat too many cinnamon rolls?" bump :)). Not that I'm speaking from experience... :) AND yay for Big Red! Now you've left us all hanging with how the conversation went! :)