Monday, December 5, 2011

The tree is up!

After 8 days of thoughts of putting up the Christmas tree, I can officially report that it is up and decorated.

Friday evening was quite laid back for us. And after the busy work week we had we needed it.  We grabbed a bite to eat (along with the rest of Lancaster) at Texas Roadhouse and returned home to do nothing. And my nothing I mean accidentally watch Van Wilder on VH1.

After some hiccups Saturday morning my mom and I headed to good old Glenford (aka the middle of the middle of nowhere) for a Christmas sale.  I score this bell wreath, which to C's chagrin is hanging on a door that we don't open daily.

After returning to civilization we met C at the high school for the pancake breakfast (yum) and then C and I went to pick out our Christmas tree.

And by "pick out our tree" I mean, "find our tree bag at my parents' house". But it was still fun to pretend we had found a tree, cut it down, and got it gift wrapped.

Our plans on putting up the tree were thwarted by my desire to take a nap and C's desire to do other, non-tree putting up things.  I also make a grocery run to get essentials for dinner (beef and noodles). But by 5:30 we started cleaning so that our tree could go up.  At least 3/4 of it. We are easily distracted.

Sunday morning we had to make a pit stop at C's office so he could pick up something for church. While he did that I busied myself by finding a stain on his floor that looked like the State of Ohio

We finally made it to church and then lunched at Scrambler Maries or Marie Scramblers.  Apparently they were out of clean dishes which meant our meals had to come out separately and that Mark couldn't get a refill for an extended period of time. And then something happened about not being able to run the credit card through because they only had one outlet and the dishwasher was using it? I'm not sure, but we did finally leave. 

C and I managed to get the top of the tree put on and most of the ornaments prior to my youth event, but once I got home we were able to finish it (and all the other decorations).  We also found some time to iChat with C's parents.

With all the effort that went into putting up the tree, I'm thinking it'll stay up through March.

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