Friday, December 2, 2011

Odds and Ends (but mainly Odds)

I have a confession to make. I haven't felt very fashionable lately. At least not in the work sense. In fact yesterday I dreaded the idea of having to come up with an outfit to wear to work.  Mainly because I didn't want to wear tights because I think I have a cold or something and who wants to wear tights and feel all tight when you have a cold? Not me.  So we're going to forgo Fashion Friday today (C will be thrilled - if I'm not thinking about clothes then I don't want to buy them). Instead I'm just going to fly by the seat of my pants here.

You're probably wondering about the Quest for Justice which was started this spring when the stupid Oldsmobile Regency would park for days on end in the two hour parking out front. 

I briefly thought about taking this down after the city put new street parking on the other side of our building and the Regency moved over there. We don't park on that side because the spaces appear to be smaller than city regulation parking spaces and we're worried that our car will get rear ended, front ended, or sideswiped.  But within the last few weeks the Regency moved out front again. So the count is back on. Only problem, the city doesn't appear to see a need to monitor any more (I think they don't want to walk as far from the Police Station in the cold). So the count will stay up. For now.

C and I have been trying to get our Christmas decorations up since last Sunday, but apparently the legal world is super busy right now so we've pushed it back to tomorrow. I'm stoked.

Speaking of Christmas, we have a plan to watch all of our Christmas movies before we leave on the 22nd. This would include (I believe) it's a Wonderful Life.  C loves that movie. I think I'd like it better if it were in color. Can you imagine what people who only knew black and white movies would think if they could watch a movie today? But maybe they already know because I'm sure Heaven has its movies in color and they're probably even a few steps ahead of us down here.

We'll be in Pipestone for Christmas this year celebrating the birth of our Lord and Clara. That means we have the best chance of having a white Christmas that you can get. Which means it'll probably be snow free and rainy while we are up there.

I'm eating a Clementine as I write this. They are so yummy.

For some reason I was way too excited about Urban Meyer becoming the OSU football coach.  It is a well known fact that my love for OSU basketball trumps anything football related. Yet I couldn't help but be giddy.

Speaking of basketball, OSU plays Texas Pan-American tomorrow. Apparently there are so many schools in texas that they have resorted to naming them after the airline industy. Also, the NBA is back which makes me happy for one reason and one reason only, Charles Barkley.

That's all folks. If you're in Lancaster tomorrow go get some Kiwanis pancakes for breakfast. I'll be there and so will the pancakes and sausage. (I have no tie to Kiwanis other than I will be eating their pancakes and sausage). Also, the real Santa is there.

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Emommy said...

"Snow free and rainy." I'm fearing that that will happen too, since we've only had two instances of snow so far this fall and they've been negligible amounts (i.e. not enough to make a snowball). But we'll pray we get a white Christmas--just without airline delays.