Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reminder: Send out Christmas Cards

Last year I almost didn't send out Christmas cards.  Despite having our picture taken in Cleveland in August, with the sole purpose of using it for the card, I was thisclose to just scraping the idea for the year.  But then I got my act together two days before Christmas and ordered my cards from the local drug store.

I really wanted to order from Shutterfly's Holiday Card Selection, but when I decided on the 23rd to try to get them out before Christmas my only option was the one hour service down the street.

This year, I'm going to think ahead. In fact, I already have.  I have a rough idea as to what the wording will say and I plan on having Drew take our pictures when we see him over Thanksgiving.  So (ideally) my cards can be ordered before December 1st!

What I love about Shutterfly is  the fact that you aren't limited to a 4 x 8 (vertical or horizontal) glossy, picture paper print. Instead you can go with a card stock print which, in my humble opinion, looks much more professional.

I think it'll take me a few evenings to pick one design from the Christmas Card selection.

Plaid. I love plaid!

Too bad we don't have two cute kids

Shutterfly isn't just for Christmas Cards.  They also have endless possibilities for invitations to any kind of party (if you're not like me and throw parties) as well as photo cards for every occasion.  C and I sent wedding thank you's in the form of a picture from our honeymoon and added handwritten messages on the back to personalize each card.

So this year, that's the plan.  To work ahead of time.  And to not complain when I address the envelopes because that's all I have to do. Shutterfly will do the rest for me.

In exchange for this review I received holiday cards from Shutterfly, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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You could borrow a couple of cute kids.