Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Friday: Oh, It's sooo Sparkly edition

So it's finally starting to act like fall around these parts. We're talking low 30's in the evenings. It's nice. Now if only we can get some snow instead of Tornado Warnings.

While browsing through the other day I kept being drawn to sparkly items.  One of which I had to convince myself was ugly because I'm sure you all think it looks like a trash bag.  So instead I went with these shiny beauties.

1. Sequin Flounce-Hem Tank. Throw a cardigan on (and probably some pants) and you're done.

2. Seqin Party Shell.  Help. I can't stop myself. (Seriously, C thinks I just said yes when he proposed because he had a shiny ring).

3. Metalic Mini Skirt. Pair this sucker with some tights and you've got yourself an outfit.

4. Trio Drop Earrings. Not quick as sparkly. A bit more conservative. Which is always a good thing when you work in an office (in Lancaster).

5. Marinelle Chiffon Dress. Is anyone out there going to a Christmas or New Year's Party this year?  If so please buy this dress and wear it for me.  I've got no where to go.

I'm going to make myself stop. I just can't handle this Christmas excitement. So far I'm still following my self-imposed "No Christmas music before Thanksgiving" rule, but C has agreed that this weekend we can watch either a Christmas movie or Made of Honor (my fav!).  I'll take what I can get.

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