Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend in Joplin

I suppose I should probably tell you about our weekend. I could just say that we ate lots and lots (which I am more that ok with) but I'll give you some more details...

Thursday evening I headed out to Joplin to meet C and his parents.  From Columbus to Detroit (where our plane boarded 50 minutes early) to Tulsa to Joplin.  I must say, flying is much better than driving.  I got in late in the evening and was picked up by C and his mom. We headed back to Joplin and hit the hay.

Friday morning we slept in and enjoyed a delish breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. After breakfast C's mom gave us a tour of the tornado destruction area. Pretty much everything has been removed, minus the high school and technical center.  While I didn't take the camera, just imagine a bunch of cement pads with some debris scattered here at there.  Since I didn't see the immediate aftermath in person I can't speak to the progress that was made, but C says it looks great.  Like a blank canvas full of potential. I can't wait to see the area once even more progress is made.

After our tour we went to the mall/high school to find some Cardinals shirts before meeting up with C's dad at Starbucks. We also drove through the two FEMA communities near the airport. Later in the evening we had chicken on the grill and ate on the roof top patio.  It was the perfect evening with perfect company and perfect food.

Once the dishes were cleared it was time for the Cardinals/Phillies game.  I won't give you the play by play because I'm not C and only remember the score was 1-0 (because that's easy to remember). To say everyone was excited about the win would be an understatement.

After sleeping in again on Saturday we had waffles for breakfast and then walked over to the Candy House right down the street. I was familiar with the store thanks to Kendra's visit a few seasons ago.

Saturday afternoon we saw Moneyball.  I was able to put my semi-irrational dislike of Brad Pitt aside (pretended he was pre-Angelina Brad Pitt) in order to fully enjoy the movie.  While I love baseball movies regardless, the Indians scenes didn't hurt.

After the movie we grabbed a late lunch early dinner linner at Woody's Smokehouse and topped off with some Starbucks for dessert. The Buckeyes were on at 7 so we watched them dominate the first half while having a late dinner at Magoos and blow it in the second.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at a local Joplin establishment, Cracker Barrell before hitting the road.  The trip back was long but painless.  For some reason C asked me to take a picture of the Cricket billboard so that he didn't forget about the promotion.

Once in Illinois we listened to the Cardinals lose (C says the worst way to witness a loss is over the radio) and didn't play the alphabet game once. It was a bummer.  The one positive thing that came out of the trip home was that C decided there's no way he's driving to Pipestone come December so we're gonna fly!!

This week is full of the fair (which we hope to go to tonight) and lots more eating (in moderation).


TE said...

Thanks for coming guys. We love having you here! xoxo

Emommy said...

So glad you guys are flying in December! Miss you!