Friday, October 7, 2011

"old woman driving"

My intention for today's post was simple enough. Post a picture of an old woman driving and mention that that is what I look like behind the wheel. My torso is about 4 inches in length so I look a child or a 90 year old woman minus the gray - knock on wood) behind the wheel.

My search results didn't give me exactly what I was looking for.

Let's discuss....

1. Not an old woman. Not driving. Not sure what's going on here. May showing off how well her hair spray holds?
2. ??
3. Close. But the shot isn't front on and she's not a shorter sitter.
4. Mug Shot!
5. Mug Shot!
6. Close. But I needed a shot of the entire person. Assuming it is a woman.
7. Mug Shot!
8. #2 again??
9. Mug Shot!
10. Old woman who passed her driver's test. Good for her.
11. Mug Shot?
12. Reese Witherspoon. Bless her Dixie heart. She was hit by an 84 year old woman a few weeks ago and popped up all over the place during my search.
13. Mug Shot! #9 again.
14. Mrs. Witherspoon, again.
15. Mug Shot!
16. Not a woman, not old. Google Image search fail.
17. Mug Shot! (but male)
18. I'm guessing a girl who just got her license back after a suspension due to a DUI (probably not, but it's more fun this way).
19. Cartoon. Close to what I look like.
20. Mug Shot! (male)
21. Mug Shot and scene of the crime!
22. Mug Shot! Shirt reads: I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. Great shirt to wear. If they didn't plan on doing a field sobriety test when they were pulling her over, I'm sure they decided to once they saw her shirt.
23. Mug Shot!
24. I wonder if this is the end of a high speed chase I watched on FoxNews.

**I apologize for the poor number quality. I had to do this all by myself and couldnt' get the text feature to work in Paint.  This one day after I answered a survey and checked "I've very savvy on the computer."

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