Monday, October 24, 2011

The weekend I went to Meijer three times in 24 hours

Good Morning!!!!

First and foremost, for some reason Friday's post didn't post as scheduled, so make sure you continue reading after this post. You don't want to miss it. Unless you do want to miss it. Then stop reading after this post. Whatever floats your boat.

We had quite the busy, not our typical weekend.  Here's how it went down.

Friday morning I got lost at the Pumpkin Show.  Don't worry I wasn't lost for long, but long enough to text C that I had no idea where I was or where my booth (which I had already been to once just a few minutes before) was. I then spent the rest of the day blowing up balloons and giving my finger muscles quite the workout trying to tie every balloon in a knot.

That evening C and I headed to The Thurman Cafe in German Village.  I had seen the place on Man v. Food, but had never been. The (2/3 lb!) burgers were delish. The place it definitely unique and most likely a fire hazard. After dinner we stopped at Starbucks and returned home to finally watch the several episodes of The Office that were piling up in the DVR.

Saturday morning, after sleeping in!, we grabbed breakfast at Waffle House (quickly becoming a tradition and nice change from Starbucks) and ran over to Meijer to do a bit a lot of grocery shopping. Once we got back home I realized I had left the ground beef at the self check out so I called Meijer to see if I could come back later to pick it up. We also stopped by C's office to see his new, used furniture. It's like he's a real, live law-yer now.  I then headed to the library to pick up a CD, ran to Kroger to get my flu shot (which was free!!!), and ran to Meijer to pick up the ground beef.  Except I left my receipt at home...

So I came back home and made grandma's potatoes (recipe to follow later this week) and waited for C to return from work. Once C was home we loaded up with grandma's potatoes and went to my parents for a yummy meatloaf dinner.

After dinner was eaten and the brownies we devoured we hurried home to watch the Cardinals.  In case you weren't watching the Spartans beat the Badgers, the Cardinals had quite the game and C was quite the happy camper.

Oh yeah, and during the game I decided I wanted a english muffins that we had purchased earlier that day.  As I was going to open the package I found a little creature with wings flying around in side (I tried to word that as nicely as possible). So it was a good thing that I couldn't pick up that beef earlier because now I had another reason to go back to Meijer.

We played hooky from church Sunday.  With the game going oh-so-late (the Cardinals in the playoffs drains me, really) and dad having the Sunday off (so everyone probably though we were out of town too), we needed to sleep in. And sleep in we did. Until 11:00.

We had double chocolate pancakes for breakfast brunch and headed out to run a few errands.  Since my flu shot was free, you better bet that I was going to make C get one too (plus we got 50 Kroger fuel perks with each shot - that's 10 cents off a gallon right there). Then we went to Meijer to pick up the beef and return the english muffins.

C worked in the afternoon while I spent some time with mom, addressing baby shower invites and watching Riley entertain herself.

Katie thinks she's crazy.

We ended the evening with a nice iChat with C's parents, our leftover Thurman burgers (a 1/3 of a pound each), and watched the Cardinals game.

This week has a lot in store... more baseball, I'm actually cooking dinner, Trunk-or-Treat at church, cookie making, big work day on Saturday, and Lost and Found on Sunday.  I'm already looking forward to sleeping in on November 5th.