Friday, October 21, 2011

the farm girl in me

Now that the fair has officially left town, the ride operators have moved on to Circleville, the fair grounds themselves are cleaned up, I thought I'd share the Combine Derby with you. This is by far, hands down my absolutle favorite part of the fair (aside from the ring game). If you didn't go this year you didn't miss much.  It wasn't the best.  But in case you're a bit bummed that you didn't get to see these huge machines ram into each other I thought I'd bring the Combine Derby to you.

The lining up of the competitors (only 7 this year - three of whom are related).

Getting ready for the first round.  Combines form a square or circle with their butts facing each other.

And they're.

Still going. But no sparks. So not too exciting.

My favorite was the tiger that had eyes made out of the lids from buckets.

And just in case the pictures don't make you feel like you're right there in the action, maybe these videos will help.

Combine Derby 1 from rachel elsea on Vimeo.

Combine Derby from rachel elsea on Vimeo.

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