Thursday, September 1, 2011

I want to smell better

Today is September 1st. August ended yesterday. The pool closes on Monday.

A moment of silence please.

Moving on to almost as important issues...

I'm almost out of perfume and while I recently found a soap and lotion at Williams-Sonoma that I love, I can't bottle that into a perfume and am not sure it'd even work as my general scent.

The three (real) fragrances I've tried in the past are:

Romance by Ralph Lauren
Very Sexy HOT by Victoria's Secret
Burberry Brit by Burberry

I won't even start with the fake scents (i.e. Dream by Gap and a wide array of Bath and Body Works stuff).

So I'm needing a different smell. Something warm and fall/wintery I frequently walk by people and think "Man she smells great!" but am too shy to walk up to her and say "What are you wearing?" Seriously, why walking the mail to the post office one evening last week I smelled the most lovely smell  which was odd since we are so close to the poop plant (read: waste plant).

So once again, I need some help (which reminds me, I'm going to start a cake decorating class this fall as a starter hobby).  What scents do you like best? What do you wear?

I promise to go to the nearest perfumery and smell all the scents suggested. I'll let you know what I chose.  And if I don't get any suggestions (or only get a few which make me sneeze) I think I'll go back to Burberry Britt.


Becky said...

I've been wanting to try something different too, and I agree that the spicy scents in the fall and winter are nice. When I saw your post, I googled spicey perfume, and found a little article here:

I don't know how any of these "best" scents smell, but it's probably worth stopping for a whiff the next time you're out shopping.

Luann said...

I'd trot right over to Demeter Fragrance and quickly order a bottle of "Play-doh". It's a limited edition celebrating their 50th year. I mean really, can you imagine anything more exciting than ALWAYS smelling like the very first moment that essence of play-doh escapes the can.