Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I love (listening to) other people's lives.

When C told me last night that he was heading to Bexley to work late I didn't know what I'd do with my evening. The DVR was empty and I wasn't sure the Indians would provide enough entertainment (turns out they did).

Then at roughly 8:00 pm I started to hear some squabbling*.  I jumped up and put my ear to the floor where I could hear girls yelling over each other downstairs. I'm still not sure what type of gathering it was, but I picked up some foul language pretty quickly and immediately ruled out a Small Group Bible Study. 

I couldn't really pick up what they were saying so I googled "best way to listen through a floor" and got this...

So I got up, went to the kitchen and grabbed one of each stemless glasses we had. 

We're talking red wine, pint glass, souvenir Coke glass, short tumbler, and tall tumbler.

Here's a fun fact, when I registered for wedding things, I completely forgot to register for glasses.  Fortunately the Schaefers were looking out for me and got superb drinkware from Crate & Barrel. 

I tried out all five glasses and found the pint glass from Big Red worked the best.  

Then I spent the next ten minutes going from spot to spot on the floor trying to hear the women.  But I couldn't quite make out what they were saying because when girls yell, they yell over each other and not even the folks in the room know what they are saying. 

In order to hear as much as possible I made sure to turn off all noise makers in the house. Air conditioning. Indians game. Air purifier. Phone.

Just when I was about to give up hope (after briefly considering just going downstairs and listening through their door) they took the "conversation" to the hall.  Listening through the door, without a glass, I gathered that the girls were upset at a long time friend (maybe even best friend?). I thought about going out there to check the mail or go get gas, but chickened out as there wasn't any mail since I already got it and I didn't want to leave the building for fear I'd miss something. Then "I love you's" were exchanged and then footsteps down the stairs. 

I raced the 8 steps to the window to see the girls walking to their car. Quite frankly, the way they were dressed I expected them to walk to The Rug. 

And that my friends is how I entertain myself when C is working late. While it annoyed the heck out of me last night I know I'll miss it when we (God willing) get a house someday. 

*It took me roughly 13 googles to figure out how to spell squabbling. Scaubling, scawbling, scaabbling. etc.