Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer lovin'

I go through phases.  Food phases, clothing phases, purse phases, accessory phases, people phases. Ok, maybe not people phases, but you get the point. 

When I was little I went through a phase where I loved to eat a slice of cheese warmed up on a plate.  I'd scrape the warm cheese off and eat it with my fingers. I also liked to lick the powder mac and cheese package. Yum.

The first summer I was allowed to stay home alone (while dad was at work a mile away), I lived off of mixed vegetables, Fresca, and those off brand Oreos that are a chocolate cookie on one side, a vanilla cookie on the other and cream filling in between.  I was quite the healthy eater.

This summer is no exception.  Here's what I'm currently hooked on (edible and non-edible).

1. Drumsticks. Vanilla with nuts or vanilla with nuts and caramel in the center. But not Walmart brand because they cheat on the nuts and also throw crumbled up sugar cone bits on top so they don't have to put as many nuts. Tisk tisk.

2. To-Go Tumblers (with straw).  I take this to work, to the pool, on a road trip. I'm obsessed to the point where C has put me on a cup purchasing hiatus. Last summer I got one that wasn't double walled, then this year found a double walled one at Walmart. I loved it. Then I dropped it on my way into the apartment (because I was carrying too much stuff) and it broke.  So I found this one at Target, but then over the weekend found one just like the old one from Walmart (which seems to keep beverages much colder, much longer than the Target one).

3. Carolina Plantation Brown Rice.  We had this in May during our first trip to the beach.  I bought a bag to bring back, but didn't realize I had grabbed the white rice (which is still good).  My first attempt to make the rice failed.  Too sticky and maybe over done? But Sunday night I cooked up some with a little less water and a bit more rice and got quick the perfect result. It's safe to say we're bringing at least 2 bags home with us in a few weeks.

4. Black Raspberry Sparking Ice Water. Way back in 2004 when we were in college I discovered Clearly Canadian Black Cherry sparkling water.  Apparently no one else loved it as much as me because I can no longer find it. What I have found is Black Raspberry Sparking Ice.  This is almost as good as Clearly Canadian's Black Cherry. Almost.

5. Dairy Queen Cup Cakes.  Ok, I've loved these for years, but I still get them when we go out for ice cream. It's not the combo of chocolate and vanilla ice cream or the cookie crumbles or the fudge (I've never been a big fudge person), it's the icing that sits on top. If I get a cup cake without adequate icing, it's a waste. 

Side note: the remote control in the background of the cup cake picture is missing. Please let us know if you have seen it. We haven't been able to Wii since it's been missing (earlier this year). I think it may have been thrown away.

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