Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey, I didn't go to the pool yesterday

I've decided to go with the weekend rewind this evening because our weekend was a tad bit out of the summer norm.  And it took us 4 hours to travel roughly 132 miles.  But more on that later.

After work Friday evening I made C a delicious meal of store bought wings (I know, all you men out there are jealous) while I enjoyed some bagel bites. I'm pretty much a 8 year old stuck in a 25 year old's body. I underestimated, and by  I mean didn't calculate at all, how tired I would be from VBS.  So come Friday evening at 8:30 I was out like a light.  Until I woke up. Which was just an hour later.  Then I was out again at 11:00.  We lead exciting weekend lives at the Elsea house hold. 

Saturday morning we ventured out to find some breakfast before C went to work for the day while I went to the pool. After soaking up some rays and enjoying a book which I was able to start and finish in one day (Groundswell, a good read) I went with my parents to a surprise birthday party. 

Later that evening we returned to the house to make 3 batches of cookies before I returned home to catch up on some DVR'd programming (Toddlers & Tiaras and 19 Kids and Counting).  I think C rolled in at about 12:30 (in the a.m.)

Sunday was a bit different for us.  C's plans of taking his little brother to Cincinnati for the Cardinals game fell through so I tagged along instead.  The day didn't really go as planned, but we still got to see a Cardinals game in person.  After the extreme heat, a not-so-stellar performance by the Cardinals and annoying fans around us, we should have known that our trip back home wouldn't got as planned.

Here's what the trip down looked like.  Roughly 132 miles in a little over 2 hours.

And here's what the trip back looked like.  132 miles in 4 hours.

That would include sitting on the highway for 40 minutes at mile marker 54 (which is smack dab in the middle of the unmarked section of 71 in the map above).  Eventually I called my mom and asked her to call highway patrol to see what was up.  Turns out there was a nasty accident 3 miles ahead and we weren't going anywhere for a while.  We were also stuck on a small bridge.  So while we were in the Jeep. A car which could easily get us through the grassy median and headed on an alternate route, we were stuck.  It was only after several cars in front of us turned around that we were able to careen over the hills in the median and head South looking for a new way home.

We made it back to Lancaster in one piece and picked up some Chinese food on the way home. The rest of the night was spent watching more uneventful baseball (with the exception of the light being hit in the catwalk). Rays v. Boston in Tampa? Come on ESPN.

So much for waking up this morning and thinking I had nothing to blog about.  Keep your eyes posted to Everything Elsea in the next couple of days.  There are some (hopefully) big-ish additions coming our way.

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