Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i love marshmAllows

Occasionally I will pick up a bag of marshmallows when I'm at the store.  Then I eat them. Plain.

Apparently marshmallows is spelled with an a.  I learned something today. 

I also learned (on Sunday) that Kraft has created a s'mores friendly marshmallow that easily stacks on your graham cracker and chocolate.

At first I thought this was super cool.  Then I wondered how well it works on a stick to roast over a real camp fire. Then I thought maybe these are just intended for the microwave and/or oven s'mores. Then I thought, even if they do work well on a stick, they take away from the classic s'more and the satisfaction you get from putting the cylindrical marshmallow on the chocolate and squeezing the marshmallow so all the gooey-ness squeezes out.

All that to say, I think the concept is cool. but this girl will be buying cylindrical marshmallows for the many s'mores she plans on making while at the beach.

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